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Softek's journey began in the vibrant tech landscape of Tampa, Florida back in 1996, where we started as a dedicated consulting firm catering to a select group of clients and their unique IT needs. Fast forward to the present, and we've undergone an exciting evolution. Over the last two years, Softek has transformed into a dynamic Managed Service Provider (MSP) with a laser focus on serving the tech needs of small and medium businesses.


Imagine a scenario where your business thrives without the headaches of managing an onsite IT support team. That's precisely where Softek MSP steps in. We've redefined our role – we're not just a service provider; we're your virtual IT department, your go-to Chief Information Officer (CIO). We're here to make sure your IT operations run like a well-oiled machine, seamlessly and without a hitch.


What sets us apart? We're not just about fixing issues; we're about anticipating and preventing them. By embracing this virtual support model, we've become your reliable partner for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and unwavering dependability. We're not just adapting to change; we're driving it, ensuring your business stays ahead in today's ever-evolving tech landscape.


At Softek MSP, we don't just promise; we deliver. Picture a smoother, more efficient IT environment tailored to your business needs. We've got the experience, adaptability, and a history of success. Let us be the force that propels your business forward, making IT operations not just a necessity but a strategic advantage.


Join us on this exciting journey where your business isn't just supported; it's elevated.


Softek MSP - Your IT Evolution Starts Here!

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